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2024-07-13 11:50:21 AM

Welcome to RoundWrap

Celebrating 25 years in the cabinet door industry! We provide you with quality products and client-centered service. We’re a team of committed craftsmen who infuse every detail with quality.

Manufacturer of Cabinet Doors

Our Services Include

  • Over 30 styles of foil PVC doors
  • A wide variety of solid colours and wood grains
  • Post forming laminate doors
  • Half Wrap, Tight Wrap and Square doors
  • Custom made for a variety of applications.

Personalized Approach

Round Wrap Industries Ltd. started its business in 1994 under the management of Gurnek Sandhu in Richmond, BC, Canada. We are a team of committed craftsman who infuse every detail with quality. Since 1994 we have been building a reputation for superior cabinet doors, serving not only the single-housing market but also multi-units, towers and commercial buildings. We have been supplying our product throughout British Columbia, Alberta, the United States, and as far away as Asia. By continually adding new equipment and through the expansion of our manufacturing facility to over 23000 sq. ft., we are quickly becoming a leader in these markets.